Nice 275×3 Gallon storage setup.

Found this on Pinterest and thought I would share it. Not my creation, so show the content creators some love with a webclick: Found this really nice setup for storing about 825 Gallons of water.
I’d make a few changes, but there is a lot of good ideas at play here.

  1. Gravity isn’t going to provide very much pressure at this height of 12″ (you get about 14.7psi per 33′ elevation) so I would add a pressure pump between the tanks and the hose supply line. I have had some good success with this particular pump: SEAFLO 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump w/Power Plug for Wall Outlet – 115VAC, 3.3 GPM, 45 PSI
  2. You can get as complex as you want, but I would add a GFCI outlet and Switch to add some electrical protection and save some wear and tear on the pump’s electrical plug. I have had good success with: Leviton GFSW1-W Self-Test SmartlockPro Slim GFCI Combination Switch. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in a weather proof enclosure!
  3. I don’t see a sediment trap/filter between the tanks and gutters, so to protect the pump, I would add some sort of debris filtering upstream of the tank.

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